Lyndon ATV Combo Harrows 5' 12mm

These harrows are suitable for many applications such as spreading manure from horses and cattle, removing twitch and dead grass, for relieving, compacting and pugging in fields, lawns and horse arenas. Also great for over sowing and light levelling. Sizes suitable to be towed by Ride-On mower, ATV, Quad bike, Utility vehicle and tractors.

Also other sizes available.
4'x12mm Spiked & Chain Harrow $822.25 incl GST
5'x12mm Spiked & Chain Harrow $1,000.50 incl GST
6'x12mm Spiked & Chain Harrow $1,236.25 incl GST
7'x12mm Spiked & Chain Harrow $1,431.75 incl GST

All ready for work just hook up and go!

We use Lyndon Harrows as the have a variety of sizes, phone for more details.

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