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This privacy policy has been compiled for all users who care about the way their personally identifiable information is used online. This information may be used by itself, or with other information, to identify, contact or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in their context. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to clearly understand how we can collect, use, protect or manipulate your personal information, according to our website.

Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd respects the privacy of all users of the website and undertakes to protect the personal information that each user decides to share. All sections and/or functionalities of this portal may be navigated without the disclosure of any personal information on the part of the user, unless he uses our contact form.

The collection of personal information for contact or request for information is not required or mandatory in the form we provide. Our scope and target audience is just the business world. However, if the user enters personal data on our form, the use of this information will be carried out in compliance with applicable legislation on the protection of personal data to ensure the confidentiality and security of the provided data.

The provision of personal data is optional and will always be ensured, in accordance with the law, the right to access, rectification and annulment of any provided data, may that right be exercised in person or in writing directly to the address on the website's homepage.

The entity responsible for the collection and processing of personal data is Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd. The data shared by users will be subject to computer processing and may be included in the Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd databases. The data collected on the website form are intended solely for the processing of users' requests and will not be used for any other purpose.

Without prejudice to existing legal rules, Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd will delete from the databases or, alternatively, uncustomize all information that contains personal data as soon as this is no longer necessary. This will not be the case if the holder expresses his authorisation.

Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd will not use your personal data to send you any unsolicited mail whose content have not received your explicit consent. Our form contains an option, which you must activate, in order to contact us. Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd does not sell or negotiate your data with third parties unless required by law.

The Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd website does not use cookies in any of its pages or sections.

Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd has implemented, at various levels, security processes in data processing, including backups, data encryption and access credentials. Thus, there is greater control of the risk associated with information theft, confidentiality and data integrity and that prevent accidental or unlawful destruction, loss and alteration, or unauthorized disclosure/access to data.

All security breaches that jeopardize the rights of the holders shall be communicated to the supervisory authority and also to the respective data owners.

Otago Tractor Repairs Ltd reserves the right to update or modify its privacy policy at any time, and specifically in order to adapt it to legislative changes.

It is advisable to check our website regularly to see our latest privacy policy.

Last Review on 2020-03-08

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