Rata Silage Grab 'Sabre'

Rata Silage Grab - Front End Loader

1.5m wide with 9x forged tines in the base & a capacity of 0.95m³

Silage Grabs With Forged Tines In The Grab
• Width 1.5m
• Internal Volume 0.95m3
• Base Tine Count 9

• Tines are forged spring steel with a welded conus 1 taper sleeve bush
• Open back frame with vertical bars gives excellent vision of material that is being handled while retaining the product
• Fit almost any loader or material handler, with or without a quick hitch
• Efficient and economical way of handling silage from the pit to the wagon or feed out trailer

Excellent vision and handling capacity ensures Rata’s Silage Grabs are
capable of grabbing the most possible silage. An open RHS backframe gives excellent operator vision, while still maintaining material retention. Forged silicium spring steel tines from SHW in Germany held in place with conus 1 taper bushes round out this hard working staple of NZ farms.

All Rata equipment is freight free from the supplier.

ASG150 pictured

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